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Marta Kojnok


Working as a German teacher for years made me realize that the one-size-fits-all solution of the mainstream language teaching industry is often not leading to the results that every language learner wants:

Speaking confidently... or speaking at all.

And even if someone can reach fluency in everyday situations after a while it is mostly a huge challenge to have the proficiency and the confidence that it takes to use German in professional settings.

The language that is needed in certain career paths and industries is also so unique that it is impossible to find a course or a teacher that could offer real support.

That is why, today I use the language coaching approach with my clients.

Language coaching – just as language teaching – aims at improving you German skills.

But while teaching is all about the language, coaching has its focus on YOU, on your goals and your needs:

You – in collaboration with your Language Coach - define your goals, explore your resources, make an action plan, organize your learning, and track and measure your success.

This approach leads to quick and measurable success with your German in professional settings.

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