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Be Professional
in German.
Enjoy your Success.

Let's find out together how German can help you be more successful!

6 action steps to set you up for success with German in your career

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. /L. Wittgenstein/

Go beyond your limits with Language Coaching!

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Do you have a dream?

But your German stops you from getting there?

Do you still hesitate to use German at work?

But being professional in German would make a huge difference in your career?

You don't know how to get there?

Do you wonder sometimes, if it's just you?

It's not you!

It's the way most people learn German.

The books, courses and apps are all about the language and NOT about you and your individual situation!

If you want to have the focus on YOU and your success, then Language Coaching is for you!

6 action steps to set you up for success with German in your career


Improve your German in a way that is unique to you:


Schedule a free strategy call (30 min)


Identify in which areas you need to improve your German for more success


Reach proficiency and fluency in your field of expertise quickly


Enjoy ease, confidence and a lot of success in your career

6 action steps to set you up for success with German in your career


Lottie Walford from Cambridge

Lottie's journey:

Moving to Berlin 1,5 years ago

"I didn't speak a word of German."

Focus on MY goals

"Marta's been so much more than a language teacher, she's been a life coach for me"

Learning German is a daunting task

"It was so focused on grammar."

Job interviews in German

Applying in German hospitals

to be a nurse

Meeting Marta 

"I was so lucky to meet Marta.

I learned the German that I needed for my daily life."

Found a job

"I can't believe how far I've come! Marta offered me so much confidence along the way!"

Image by krakenimages

How is your journey?

What's at stake for you?

6 action steps to set you up for success with German in your career


Hi, I am Marta Kojnok, Ph.D

I believe everybody deserves to live their lives to the fullest no matter where they live and where they are originally from.

Having a job that you love or finally starting your own business that you’ve always dreamed of…

That’s real fulfilment and personal success!

To have the life in Germany though that you truly desire – sooner or later – you need German.

My vision is to help as many international professionals as possible to acquire the exact knowledge of the German language that they need to be successful in Germany.

I am a qualified German teacher and a trained Language Coach for German (ILCA).




“Marta knows how to support you with your language learning goals.”

Katalin Kasicki from Budapest, Hungary

“It was great. She provided me with the tools and confidence of being able to speak in German,

which is exactly what I needed.”

Jaimee Storm from San Francisco, USA

"I can also highly recommend Marta as a Language Coach." 

Phiwi Ntsada, Cape Town, South Africa

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